Saturday, 7 March 2015

Fashionable People, Sustainable Planet

I always believe that fashionistas will be more fashionable when they use reusable shopping bags. How can you call yourself as a fashionista but you still bring plastic bags? It's not cool at all. 

I joined Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 (IFW) last month. It's the second time I join this biggest fashion movement. Two years in a row, Diet Kantong Plastik took part of the event. Of course, we campaigned about reducing plastic bags. The organizers also support our movement. The IFW had Sustainable Fashion line. They also concerned about how to protect the planet through fashion. 

I can't imagine how lucky I am to be part of fashion week. I'm not into fashion, well, was. But, I think as a social activist, I shouldn't be stereotyped in casual mode all the way. It's OK to be fashionable, because you have performance for the people about your movement. I think, it will help you to attract more people to join your event because of how your appearance. 

Let's talk about the fashion week anyway. The event held for four days in Jakarta Convention Centre. Diet Kantong Plastik had a few activities, they are: 1) booth labelling, to define what brands support the movement, 2) booth activities (petition signing, T-Shirt bag workshop), and 3) talkshow. I'm so grateful for this chance. I think it's amazing when social activities collaborate with different movement. Environmental still fit into anything, right?
You can still "kece" with your reusable bags. This one is DIY shopping bags!
I think, most of brands on the event is using paper bags and some visitors got their reusable bags when purchasing ticket. So, I hope they have reducing the plastic bags. Unfortunately, there were no statistical data to show the reduction. Keep positive!

When we did talkshow about "Fashionable Fashion, Sustainable Fashion" altogether with activist, models, and designer, the questions and answers session were great. There were a bit debate between speaker and participant. They discussed about secondhand products. One agreed to reuse old items, and one another disagreed because there were hygiene issue. But, this made us think about detail issue. We must see more than one perspective, we must be able to think comprehensively. 

Happy to have them on stage! Thank you so much!
I think I need talk about #pay4plastic petition. It's very important because we must collect 1 million signatures to support the petition. This petition will next to be our power to approach Mr. President to make national regulation about reducing plastic bags. If we have national regulations and laws, it will be easier for local activist approaching local government. Indonesia will be next modest fashion center, so I think it will better if the fashion support environmental movement too. 

In the end of my words, I would like to thank to all fashionistas who support the movement on the event. We will see you next year. Real fashionable people, care about sustainable planet!

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