Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Philippines Journey - GAIA Regional Meeting "Skill Sharing" (Day #5)

On October 23, 2015, the fifth day of the meeting, I had a privilege to join the last meeting. This meeting talk about zero waste solution to against incinerator and skill sharing. 

So, incinerator had many names; waste to energy, waste of energy, gasification, pyrolysis, etc. It needs re-branding because incinerator is unpopular to public. It’s expensive waste management. For your information, bottom ash from incinerator in Denmark all fly away to Norway. In Philippines, they can make sure smaller bottom ash (in cement industries/P&G). But, this ash will be dangerous. Many experts can claim that dioxin produced from incinerator can be burned and save to environment, but ash not. We must concern about this ash. 

After incinerator, we talk about plastic bags. We agreed that plastic bags industries had much products, not only plastic bags (it’s a small part of production). A lot of alternatives there. So, there is no more reasons to stop plastic bags consumption. 

Then, we had skill sharing discussion and presentation. My groups (me, Tiza, Shahriar, and Tian) had to make a environmental communication strategy to hipster! Hahaha. It's quite easy for me and Tiza, because we're hispter! Wkwkwwkwk. Pretend to be hipster, anyway. So, we had to communicate these issues:

1. Zero waste 
So, we chose to use meme to communicate zero waste issue. Don't get me wrong, the message may be wrong.
But, communicating this issue to hipster should be this cool. 
2. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
Tiza tweeted about this explaining EPR in 140 characters. (Tweet has been deleted)

3. Closing the loop
We made role play discussion between two persons about this. The points when you try to explain to hipster are:
a. make sure you can answer what the benefit to the hipster if they want to contribute to save the earth
b. make sure you had the best explanation about why they should join environmental movement
c. make sure you are the best role model to them if you ask them to save the earth

4. Recycling 
Tiza made story board about recycling for short video (20 seconds). The video will show recycling process to hipster. 

So, that was the end of the whole meeting! Pheeewww.... I got a lot ideas to do in Indonesia. Stay tuned! 

Meet up with Andel
Greenhills Shopping Centre, San Juan

I still had time before leaving Manila. So, I had to meet Andel Reyes! We knew each other from Tunza Conference in Bandung 4 years ago. Now, it’s my turn to visit her in her country. I had to go San Juan from my hotel by taxi. I asked receptionist to find me taxi. First taxi charged me higher fare (Php 500), and I cancelled it. It’s too expensive. Then, the staff hotel help me to find GrabTaxi. It charged less fare than the first one. I paid for Php 194 and plus Php 100 for the trafffic (but the driver took alternative ways, so I didn’t stuck at traffic. So I didn’t understand what Php 100 for, haha). 

We had dinner at Mang Inasal (Mang means Mister, and Inasal means grilled). She treated my dinner. Thank you so much for that big dinner and halo-halo! Halo-halo means mix. Similar to es campur in Indonesia. 

Super glad to meet you Andel! Thanks for grilled chicken, halo-halo, cake, and big pasalubong!
This is halo-halo! Di Indonesia, sama seperti es campur. 

Before we left, she bought me so much pasalubong (it’s like a gift given by Filipino if you go back to your country). I don’t know to thank her for this. So I gave her my favourite cap and Sarah Sechan’s reusable bag. I hope you like it, Andel!

She was busy with shopping pasalubong hahaha. 

Thank you! Especially that Christian Bautista CD! haha

Thank you again, friend! See you! 

to be continued...

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