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Philippines Journey - Site Visits (Day #3)

On October 21, 2015, we had site visits. We visited three places to see some environmental activities in Philippines. We went by van. First place was Smokey Mountain, a former dump site in Manila. It was operated since more than 40 years ago and on 1994 it was closed and the garbage moved to another dump site. The Smokey Mountain became low-cost housing project.

Briefing about Smokey Mountain at laundry service :p

She's from SMP-MPC (Sambayanan ng Muling Pagkabuhay - Multi-Purpose Cooperative),
the organisation who help develop recycling program. 

The products are from recycled paper. All products. 
Handbag. (iya tau)

Up to the mountain high, this was dump site. 

We're standing above former dump site. 


Then, we walked to their MRF (Material Recovery Factory). They responsible to only the Unilever office waste.  MRF still managed by SMP-MPC.

Nih, sampah-sampah dari kantor Unilever. 

They separated them all based on types, and then they sold them. 

This MRF (Material Recovery Facility) manage ONLY Unilever office waste. But, Unilever paid them in a very low fare. 

This pole made from cement and shred plastic sachet as a filler, so the cement usage is less.  I think Unilever's post-consumer waste is MUCH MORE problematic. Unilever should implement EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility).

I had a problem about my sleepiness. If I had activity in morning outside, I will be sleepy all day long. Pfffft. So, after first visit and entered the van again, I began sleepy.

The second’s site visit was Freedom Island, located in Metro Manila, Manila Bay. This was the critical habitat in 2007. So many wastes there. Even you can find a lot of slippers.

He (the Philippine guy with blue shirt) explained about Freedom Island. 

Look! Slippers (and shoes) everywhere. Ada yang merasa kehilangan?

The beach water is clear, but it makes us easy to SEE waste. 

Look! You can see them clearly. 

Love and hate. 


Still sleepy…



We had lunch at Robinsons Place at Las Piñas. It’s a mall. They had UN Day and you know what, they had pageant contest, the participants were kids representing many countries.

Mr. & Ms. United Nations. 

The participants are children!

Third place! We went to Mini-theatre Poverty Alleviation Museum. This museum told us about Villar’s family (senator in Philippines) fighting poverty. The museum showed us their story, program, and many other.

This chandelier made from used beer bottles.

Lupa namanya apa ini haha. 

The guide told us history of Villar's family campaign.

Organic fertilizer. 

They had many places to be visited, so after mini museum, we went to their recycling plastic factory. The recycled products still contained toxins. The solution is ALL producers should commit to use responsible ingredients (no chlorine, plumb, and many others dangerous chemical). So, this recycled products will safe for children (and of course for us).

Waste collected from river, street, and waste pickers. 

They put waste here to prepare next step. 

The plastic wastes collected here. 

First Step: Plastic wastes must be washed. 

First Step: So, they put plastic waste into washing tub. 

First Step: Washing process. 

Second Step: Then, washed plastic wastes come into cleaning tub. 

Second Step: Cleaning process. 

Third Step: All must be dried.
Third Step: This dried plastic waste will be a raw materials to make recycled product. 

Third Step: Dried plastic wastes. 

Fourth Step: Melting process. CAUTION: If the plastic contains chlorine or other toxic ingredients,
this part of recycling is VERY DANGEROUS.

Fifth Step: Making a product (chair)

Sixth Step: Cooling tub for recycled product. 

Seventh Step: Tadaaaa....this chair made from recycled plastic. 

Eighth Step: This residue will enter First Step again. 

What do you think? 


Then, we moved to Coconet Factory. Well, we have this kind of product in Indonesia. But it was my first time to see how it made. Let's check it out!

Las Piñas Coconet Factory. Project of Villar Family. 

Dried coconut is prepared to be made a yarn. 

Then, this little girl helped her grandmother to make a yarn. 

Ready to sell!

Photo group first!

Next stop, we went to water lily (or water hyacinth) recycled production. They made many products from water lily. In Indonesia, mostly made into furniture. 


Water lily products. 

Aya samak ogé geningan. 

She made them all!

Paper bag from water lily. Alternative way to support #DietKantongPlastik. 

We finally closed to dinner time. So, we went to senator’s residency to have a dinner. The family members were in Europe recently, but they treated us dinner and souvenirs!

Indonesian delegates for GAIA Regional Meeting. 

Custom plate for family branding :))

Thank you for the souvenirs! Water lily box and Citronella oils :)

What a tiring day!

to be continued...

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