Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Best Is Yet To Come

Well, I've just read about Celine Dion's latest news. She's ready to be back in Las Vegas, continuing her residency in Caesar's Palace. She had postponed her shows in Las Vegas due to Rene Angelil (her husband) serious illness, he had cancerous tumor in his neck. Beside that, she also need to rest her vocal chord. She also had problem with her vocal chord. 

That was not her first time rescheduling her shows due to illness. She did it many times in her world tour. She and her management knew that it's very hard to do for the fans. But, because of illness, they can't do more. Fortunately, her fans supported her. 

From this case, I understand one thing. We live in dynamic conditions. Everything could happens. Everything. Sometimes, what we want is not what we get. We have to adjust with conditions. I know rescheduling is not the best choice. It's our last option because we adjust with the conditions. We adopt, we adjust, because we can. Well, the best is still yet to come. Keep strugling with your life, dude!

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