Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Philippines Journal - Departure

I've said before to my best friend that someday I'll go abroad as a compliment for what I'm fighting for. I always believe about my feeling for anything. I believe that this will happen. And here I am! I'm in Manila now for few days to have such meetings. Believe me, this is my very first time go outside Indonesia. 


I was contacted by Anne from GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives or Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance), an organisation that support zero waste campaign and against incinerator technology, to attend plastic strategy meeting on October in Manila, Philippines. I was excited but at that time she told me that I had to cover my flight and local expenses here because of they only cover one person for every organisation. Plastic Bag Diet Association is represented by me for the first meeting about NGO meeting and Tiza Mafira for second meeting about Funders meeting. 

I chose cheap flight, because my organisation couldn't cover first class flight, haha. I have to save my organisation money, for my salary of course, LOL.  My departure airline was AirAsia from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on October 18, 2015 (at 14.50 Western Indonesia Time) to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (01.10 Philippines Time). But, I had to transit in Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2. So, I had 3 hours long transit and time to "walk around" in Kuala Lumpur. Only inside the airport. 

*Note: You have to purchase baggage plan before your schedule, because it charged two times when you purchased at the airport. 

The Body Shop store visiting is a must and I found this product that unavailable in Indonesia.
(Price: RM 27.60)
I also bought this travel kit. In Indonesia, they only sell without lotion.
(Price: RM 79.50) 

The airport seemed like mall in general. Many stores and offers. But, I only visited 3 counters, Kiehl's, McDonald, and The Body Shop. I only spent my money at McDonald's and The Body Shop, haha. I found products in The Body Shop Malaysia that unavailable in Indonesia, Hemp range products. Haha. They had lip conditioner, hand cream, and foot lotion. The products is good for your dry skin. Because my lip is very dry, so I bought lip conditioner. THE PRODUCT IS GOOD! You have to try it, believe me. The only restaurants I knew in the airport are McDonald's and Burger King. They didn't serve rice (T.T).

I produced wastes.
(Price: RM 16)

My transit flight delayed for about 45 minutes. And when we flew, the plane was shaking! That was terrible moment and I was too scared that something would be happened. In the meantime, I couldn't sleep. Pfffft.

I had no idea why the shower hose in KLIA2 toilet looked like this. I saw them in three different toilets.
I didn't think it was broken. Hehe. 

I safely landed at 2.30 Philipines Time (October 19, 2015)! It was very late. But the organisers already booked pick-up for me (using Nissan pick-up service) and it took 30 minutes to go to Quezon City (first visit) from the airport. I had to pay Php 740 for the service. Quite expensive, I thought.

to be continued...

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